General Dentistry in Randolph, NJ

At Randolph Dental Associates, we are pleased to offer quality general dentistry for patients of all ages. From infants to our valued senior citizens, Dr. Christopher Kaplan provides age-appropriate dental care to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Multiple families getting together in backyard The treatments we offer in general dentistry are the foundation for a healthy smile. Prevention, including checkups and teeth cleanings, help us stay ahead of problems that can creep up on you like cavities and gum disease. Restorative dentistry such as tooth-colored fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants help rebuild your smile if you do experience a problem.

The Role Your General Dentist Plays

Your general dentist in Randolph plays a similar role to your primary physician; he oversees all your oral health needs and is the first person you contact if you have a dental problem.

Dentistry has evolved significantly since Dr. Kaplan started practicing in 2001. He stays current with advances in dental materials, technology, and techniques so that he can bring you the highest quality dental care. 

At Randolph Dental Associates, we are pleased to offer general dentistry for patients of all ages, including:

If you follow through with routine exams and cleanings and brush and floss your teeth conscientiously, you may never need our other services. This may seem like a perfect-world scenario, but a healthier smile is much easier to achieve and maintain than many people think.

woman in dental chair holding tooth moldYour Dentistry, Your Way

No two smiles are alike, so we offer high-quality dentistry that is individualized for your needs. Some patients require only routine dental exams and cleanings, while others may have more extensive needs such as fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, or dental implants. 

Whatever your needs are and however long it’s been since your last appointment, you can rest assured that our only goal is to help you achieve a healthier smile. If we find cavities and broken or missing teeth, Dr. Kaplan will use visual aids like x-rays and intraoral cameras to show you why he recommends treatment. 

You will appreciate having a dentist in Randolph who is happy to answer your questions and carefully explain your treatment options. We will guide you, but the final decision is always yours. 

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment in Randolph

If it’s time for your next dental checkup and you would like to schedule an appointment, call Randolph Dental Associates. We are open six days a week, and we offer a selection of early morning and evening hours, so we can always find an appointment time that fits your needs.

We are pleased to serve patients in Randolph and the surrounding communities of Chester, Mendham, Morristown, and beyond.