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At Randolph Dental Associates, we enjoy answering our patients' questions because it tells us that they're engaged with their oral health needs. The concerns you have also inform us about what your priorities are and how we can best help you achieve your goals of a healthy, problem-free smile.

Below are some questions we hear frequently, and you are also welcome to call or email us if you don't see the answer you're looking for here. 


Yes! We offer short-term payment plans during your treatment, and we also work with CareCredit, a third-party lender that offers low- and no-interest financing. CareCredit is very popular with our patients because they can get quality dental care the day they need it. CareCredit covers the cost, and you agree to pay small amounts each month until the balance is paid off. 

stack of money with tooth on topHaving easy access to prompt care can also help reduce your dental costs. Dr. Kaplan can easily fill a tooth with a small cavity while postponing dental care would allow the decay to spread and further damage the tooth. At that point, we might need to recommend a dental crown instead of a filling to protect the tooth’s structure.

We Accept CareCredit

It is easy to apply for CareCredit online, or you can ask one of our team members at your next appointment. Their approval rates are high, and you can usually get an answer within minutes. In addition to dentistry, you can use CareCredit for hearing and vision care, dermatology, beauty treatments, and even veterinary care for your pets.

Contact Our Randolph Dental Clinic

If you want to schedule an appointment, but have financial concerns, please call Randolph Dental Associates at (973) 895-3100. Quality dental care is too important to forego for any reason, and we will do everything possible to help you.

We know that the cost of dentistry comes into play when considering your dental treatment. Dental insurance is a fantastic benefit that helps reduce your out-of-pocket cost by covering part of your treatment.

How the Dental Insurance Process Worksdental insurance paperwork

What portion and how much dental insurance covers varies widely from company to company and even plan to plan. At Randolph Dental Associates, we try to calculate your benefits coverage before treatment begins.

It’s important to note that dental benefit plans are not designed to pay all of the cost of your treatment but rather to be partial aid or supplement. Our knowledgeable office staff works hard to provide you with your estimated portion of the fees, and this is the amount due at the time of that appointment.

Please keep in mind that these are simply estimates of what your final out-of-pocket cost will be. For this reason, the actual amount the benefit plan pays may differ slightly from the pre-treatment estimate we provide you. If this is the case and the plan payment varies from the estimated amount, we will make either a credit or debit adjustment to your account.

Contact Our Randolph Dental Office

We accept all insurance plans and participate with multiple PPO plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, and Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and MetLife. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your particular plan. 

Children's Dentistry

Your child should have their first dental visit by age one or when the first baby tooth appears. Dr. Kaplan is very patient and gentle with children of all ages, and their first experience with us is purposefully low-key and fun. This way, we can help build their confidence so that they feel safe and secure with us.

Importance of Baby Teethtwo young children standing on log looking at stream with their dad

It's also crucial to protect baby teeth, even though they will eventually fall out. These little teeth have a big job to do because they hold space in your child's jaw for permanent teeth to erupt correctly. Loss of even one baby tooth too soon can lead to numerous oral health issues for your child, so keeping them strong and healthy is crucial.

As they grow, we'll start to introduce dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months. If Dr. Kaplan detects an oral health issue that needs our attention, he will use x-rays and photos so you can see what he sees and understand why we recommend treatment.

Another critical part of early childhood dentistry is parent education, and we encourage you to ask any questions you have about their oral health care. We believe it's crucial for parents to understand what to expect at the different stages of their child's dental development. If a problem develops, we can work together as a team, with us providing treatment recommendations and you making confident decisions about your child's dental care.

Contact Our Randolph Dental Office

If it's time to schedule your son or daughter's first dental visit at Randolph Dental Associates, please call us at (973) 895-3100 to arrange an appointment. 

Yes, we love treating children at Randolph Dental Associates! Dr. Chris Kaplan has many years of experience treating children, from the time he trained as a Resident and Morristown Medical Center with pediatric dentists until now.

Dr. Kaplan has always enjoyed working with young boy and girl playing on swingschildren’s unique personalities and setting them on a path to a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. With his years of experience, he has helped hundreds of children develop a healthy, positive attitude about dental visits.

Caring Dentistry for Kids

We provide comprehensive dentistry for children of all ages in Randolph, including exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, fluoride applications, dental sealants, and more. Dr. Kaplan agrees with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that children first see the dentist when they get their first baby tooth, but no later than age one.

As your children’s dentist, we will be with your child from the first baby tooth until they’re ready to graduate from high school. If you have an older child who needs dental work, or a teen who suffered a broken tooth playing sports, we can help them too. In fact, many of our patients started out with us as kids and still choose us for quality dentistry as an adult. 

Contact Our Randolph Dental Office

Please call us at (973) 895-3100, and a member of our dental team will be happy to assist you in arranging an appointment for your child.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most of us aren’t blessed with naturally flawless smiles. Tooth and gum flaws are common and totally normal. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to live with those flaws because we have methods for correcting smile imperfections. At Randolph Dental Associates, we can help our patients improve their smiles with a wide array of cosmetic dentistry options. 

woman smiling with bright smile while standing in officeWhat Procedures Are Cosmetic?

The specific cosmetic procedures needed to fix your smile will depend on your individual dental needs and smile goals. Dr. Christopher Kaplan, our dedicated cosmetic dentist, will work with you to develop a treatment plan to create your ideal aesthetic look while ensuring excellent oral health. 

Some common cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

We can customize your cosmetic treatment plan to meet your needs. You may need one cosmetic dentistry procedure or multiple procedures to complete your new smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Overall Oral Health

Many cosmetic procedures make your smile more attractive and improve its functionality, making your overall oral health better. With straighter teeth and a better bite, you should have an easier time talking and chewing. You should also have an easier time brushing your teeth and flossing effectively, which decreases the chance that you’ll develop cavities and other problems, like gum disease.

Cosmetic Dentist in Randolph, NJ

As a cosmetic dentist in Randolph, Dr. Kaplan helps patients create healthier, beautiful smiles all the time, and he would love to help you. Reach out today to schedule your appointment with our team at Randolph Dental Associates.

Dental Implants

If you have tooth loss, dental implants provide a natural-looking tooth replacement. They function like real teeth, allowing for a brand new smile.

Dental implants are considered permanent, and with good care and routine maintenance with your dentist, they can last a lifetime.

However, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, as they require strong and healthy jawbones and gums for the implant procedure to be successful. In some cases, pretreatments may be necessary, including bone grafting. 

Am I A Good Candidate for Dental Implants in Randolph, NJ?

If your oral health is good and you have missing teeth you would like replaced with natural-looking implants, chances are you are a good candidate. 

However, you can't know whether or not dental implants are the right solution until you meet with your dentist to discuss your goals and candidacy for the procedure.

Dr. Kaplan, your implant dentist in Randolph, NJ, will examine your teeth, jaw, and gums and review your dental history to help determine if dental implants are a good solution.

Randolph, NJ Dental Implants

Randolph Dental Associates provide dental implants to patients, helping them fill the gaps in their smiles.

If you're considering dental implants and want to know if you are a good candidate, contact us to schedule a comprehensive oral examination and conversation with your dentist.

If you have missing teeth, your Randolph, NJ dentist will always recommend tooth replacement to keep your bite intact and to prevent wear and migration on your remaining teeth.

woman smiling after getting dental implantsDental Implants in Randolph

While there are various tooth replacement options out there, quality dental implants in Randolph, NJ are most like your natural teeth. Instead of a removable or fixed prosthetic, dental implants are tooth replacement roots capped with dental crowns. This means they replace the full anatomy of a lost tooth and function like natural teeth.

The benefits of dental implants are many, including:

  • No shifting or slipping
  • No need for adhesives
  • No more relines
  • Less wear on remaining teeth

Aside from the oral health benefits, dental implants look like natural teeth, and no one will ever guess that you’ve had tooth replacement.

Dental implants are also easy to take care of because you treat them just like your natural teeth. You brush and floss your implant as usual, and you visit your dentist for regularly scheduled dental exams and teeth cleanings.

Would You Like to Learn More about Dental Implants in Randolph, NJ?

If you would like more information, or if you’re ready to arrange an implant consultation with our dentist, call our dental office today.

General Dentistry

A dentist might recommend a dental crown because the structure of the remaining tooth is too damaged and compromised for other dental solutions like fillings to solve. 

Usually, if the tooth is too severely damaged or decayed to be structurally sound, a filling won't provide enough stability, so your dentist is forced to look at other solutions.

man smiling after getting dental crown in Randolph NJWhat Is a Crown?

Rather than removing the whole tooth, the dentist will preserve the root to keep the jaw healthy and support the crown. 

After performing a smile procedure to remove enough tooth structure to make space for a crown, the dentist places a tooth crown on top. This tooth crown closely matches the shape, size, and color of your other teeth.

The crown will function like a regular tooth. The crown protects the tooth and the structure below it from further damage that might have been caused if the existing damage was left alone.

Randolph, NJ Dental Crown Dentists

Randolph Dental Associates is happy to provide you with a consultation appointment to thoroughly investigate your oral health so that we can come up with a treatment plan. If you need a crown or are just looking to get a smile, contact us today.

TMJ & Bruxism Treatment

Your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is your jaw joint, one of your body's most complex joints. Your jaw joint can move in multiple directions, including up and down and side to side.

Common Symptoms of TMJ 

man holding jaw from TMJ painWhen this joint is not functioning correctly, it causes a painful disorder known as temporomandibular disorder or TMD. Symptoms of TMD may include one or more of the following:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Frequent headaches, including migraines
  • Tenderness during eating and chewing
  • Popping or clicking of the joint
  • The jaw locking open or closed

Some people find TMD very debilitating because it can greatly diminish their quality of life.

TMJ Treatments in Randolph

Dr. Kaplan has experience in helping patients with TMJ treatment. He will evaluate your situation to determine the root cause of your jaw discomfort, which helps him recommend the best course of action. Treatment for TMD may include:

  • Wearing a customized oral appliance at night while you sleep
  • Physical therapy
  • Stress management and relaxation therapy
  • BOTOX® injections
  • Orthodontic treatment

Clenching and grinding (bruxism) are often the cause of TMD. Wearing a custom night guard while you sleep can eliminate clenching and grinding and is often a simple solution for bruxism treatment.

Call Randolph Dental Associates

If you think you may be living with TMJ problems in Randolph, NJ, don't wait to call Randolph Dental Associates today for some relief.

It is estimated that most adults, close to 80 percent, clench or grind their teeth, usually during sleep. If your teeth are breaking and chipping, you may have a teeth-grinding habit called bruxism.

Dental Issues From Bruxism

When you have bruxism, your teeth break down because the constant clenching and grinding places excess force on teeth that they weren’t designed to absorb. This force leads to excessive dental wear and broken and chipped teeth.

woman holding her jaw from pain due to teeth grindingMost teeth grinding and jaw clenching takes place during sleep, so many people aren’t aware they’re doing it. They may not realize it until our Randolph TMJ dentist sees evidence of it in the form of severely worn, broken, or cracked teeth. You may also experience headaches and jaw or facial pain; in some cases, teeth grinding can lead to TMJ problems.

Teeth grinding is often related to stress or anxiety, so one of the approaches we recommend is to minimize stress. Meditation, listening to music, or exercising can all help you relax, which may, in turn, reduce your teeth grinding. 

Another very effective method is a customized nightguard that you wear while you sleep. The guard slips comfortably over your teeth, and when it’s in place, it prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming into contact with each other. It won’t stop your teeth grinding, but it will protect your teeth from the excess chewing forces. 

Contact Our Randolph Dental Office

When you make an appointment at Randolph Dental Associates, Dr. Kaplan can examine your teeth and discuss with you the options to best protect and restore your teeth. Please call us today to schedule so we can help you.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Your dentist may recommend a dental filling if you have a cavity. A filling can preserve the tooth’s health from potentially deteriorating sometime down the road.

At Randolph Dental Associates, we pride ourselves in helping patients reclaim their smile’s natural beauty with white dental fillings that do not contain any metal. 

man smilingMetal-Free Fillings

Dr. Kaplan uses tooth-colored composite material to fill the small holes caused by decay (cavities), and these fillings also repair any fractures or cracks in the tooth. However, if left untreated, tooth decay can lead to other oral health problems, such as tooth pain, infections, and even tooth loss. 

Tooth-colored fillings look fantastic, and they don’t change shape or form in varying temperatures like metal fillings often do. Also, tooth-colored fillings match with the rest of your natural smile, so you can show off your pearly whites without worrying about unsightly grey fillings showing. 

Get a Tooth-Colored Filling in Randolph, NJ

Dr. Kaplan restores broken or decayed teeth with aesthetic tooth-colored fillings in Randolph, NJ. In addition, our dental office offers metal-free fillings that can fix cavities and recover your tooth’s structural integrity and strength.

To book your dental appointment with us, please contact our Randolph dental office today. 

We look forward to helping you improve your smile!

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