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“I was in excruciating pain this morning with an obvious tooth abscess. I was referred to Dr Mansey. His competence and genuine caring manner provided the comfort and emergent care I required. He is someone I highly recommend. Thank you, Dr. Mansey, and the entire caring staff!”
— Deborah H.

"The last two years have been a dental extravaganza.  Started with having a second molar extracted and graduated to putting implants in for my front four teeth.  All of this required a "team" of dental specialists.  Dr. Kaplan was my general dentist during this entire ordeal.  He made initial recommendations - to fix things correctly rather than any "band aid" approach - which I was advocating for - quick and painless!  Alas, Dr. Kaplan stuck to his guns and explained to me the reasons behind his recommendations and to let me know the choice was absolutely mine to make.  After understanding the situation better and thinking about it, I opted to do the right thing and proceeded with implants.  This entailed getting braces for a year to bring my bite into correct alignment (who would have thought....). And then the surgery with the oral surgeon.  And finally the fitting and installing of the implants themselves by Dr. Kaplan.  Dr. Kaplin stood by me during the entire ordeal.  He always answered any questions I had (and I had a lot!) with appropriate detail, professionalism and always courteous.  The end result are teeth that look better than and function as well as they ever have!  AS an encore, I had a few root canals and caps put on some individual teeth.  All I can say is that you will be in great hands with Dr. Kaplan.  He has a great chairside manner and you will end up wondering what all the fuss was about in your mind as you walked in the door! Thanks for everything."

“This morning I visited Randolph Dental for the first time. The staff were friendly, engaging, and highly professional personnel. Dr. Massey was excellent, I classify him as one of the top three dentists I have been to over the years. The early dental appointments are a big plus,and combined with the exemplary staff it is a win-win.”
— Jack M.

"I’ve been coming to Randolph Dental and Dr. Chris for a few years now and have come to appreciate his and his entire staff’s thoroughness and level of professionalism.  Hygienists and assistants are always very communicative and provide great recommendations for dental maintenance based on what they see during visits.  The front office staff is very accommodating and great with follow-up, making sure future appointments are scheduled before you leave.  Dr. Chris is very thorough in his approach, ensuring the patient is part of a treatment plan, and understands all options before making major dental decisions.  I highly recommend working with Randolph Dental, you will not be disappointed!"
Peter R.

“My wife has just received emergency dental care from Dr. Friedlander. We are visiting NJ, and on walking into the practice for the first time (on the recommendation of our daughter, whose family are patients at the practice), an immediate appointment was given to us. Our experience was positive from start to finish. My wife was given outstanding dental care in an efficient, caring, and empathetic manner. I am a dentist and my wife has been a dental nurse for 38 years and we are extremely grateful for the five-star treatment that she received.”
— Danny P.

"Our family has been patients of Randolph Dental since moving to Randolph over a decade ago and we couldn't be happier with Dr. Kaplan and the entire staff.  When you step in the door you instantly feel welcomed and comfortable.  Our dental needs have always been taken care of by highly qualified, kind and trustworthy professionals.  Procedures are only recommended with thoughtful consideration and when performed, are done with the greatest care.   We are grateful to have found Randolph Dental Associates and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a terrific dental practice. "
Franco P.

“Dr. Mansey is terrific — patient, skilled, great at communicating what he is doing and ensuring comfort — and the very best at painless novocaine injections!”
— Mark R.

“Dr. Kaplan is a super star ... actually, all his staff are too....”
— Marco C.

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