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Why might a dentist recommend a dental crown?

A dentist might recommend a dental crown because the structure of the remaining tooth is too damaged and compromised for other dental solutions like fillings to solve. 

Usually, if the tooth is too severely damaged or decayed to be structurally sound, a filling won't provide enough stability, so your dentist is forced to look at other solutions.

man smiling after getting dental crown in Randolph NJWhat Is a Crown?

Rather than removing the whole tooth, the dentist will preserve the root to keep the jaw healthy and support the crown. 

After performing a smile procedure to remove enough tooth structure to make space for a crown, the dentist places a tooth crown on top. This tooth crown closely matches the shape, size, and color of your other teeth.

The crown will function like a regular tooth. The crown protects the tooth and the structure below it from further damage that might have been caused if the existing damage was left alone.

Randolph, NJ Dental Crown Dentists

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