Tooth-Colored Fillings in Randolph, NJ

dad, mom, and two kids sitting on couch while looking at phoneIf you think of dental fillings and immediately envision dull, gray pieces of metal in your mouth, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a better way. At Randolph Dental Associates, our material of choice for metal-free fillings is a tooth-colored composite resin.

Metal fillings are silver when they are placed in your tooth but darken over time, leaving a noticeable dark spot in your smile. Tooth-colored fillings placed by Dr. Chris Kaplan can be customized to match the white shade of your teeth, allowing him to place natural-looking fillings that discreetly restore and improve the appearance of your smile.

Tooth-colored fillings offer other benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Because we bond the composite material directly to your tooth, we don’t have to remove much tooth structure, and the filling actually helps to strengthen the weakened tooth.

Aesthetic, Metal-Free Fillings

Without treatment, a tiny cavity will spread and gradually break down tooth enamel until it reaches the nerves inside of the tooth and causes a toothache. Prompt cavity treatment with a tooth-colored filling, however, repairs the damaged tooth structure and blends seamlessly with your smile.

The Problem with Metal Fillings

Before the demand for more aesthetic tooth restorations led to the introduction of a more cosmetically pleasing material, dental fillings were an amalgam of different metals. Often referred to simply as silver fillings, the material was effective but came with inherent problems.

For example, the metallic composition of silver fillings made them expand and contract when faced with extreme heat or cold and cause tiny cracks in the tooth. Another problem was their appearance, especially as the filling aged and darkened, giving the tooth itself a grey appearance.

Why We Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

before and after photos for tooth colored fillingsWhen Dr. Kaplan places a metal-free filling at our Randolph dental office, he can customize the material to perfectly match the white shade of your teeth, creating an undetectable repair that only your dentist can see. This characteristic makes tooth-colored fillings perfect for cosmetic dental bonding, conservative aesthetic treatment, and an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.

Since tooth-colored composite fillings don’t react to temperature, there’s no worry that they will damage tooth enamel. Also, patients who are concerned about potentially hazardous metals in their mouths will be reassured to know that composite resin fillings are exceptionally useful dental restorations.

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At Randolph Dental Associates, we are committed to your comfort and lifelong oral health, and preserving teeth with conservative techniques is something our dentist does every day. Dr. Kaplan will work with you to develop individualized treatment plans designed to meet your unique needs.

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