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At Randolph Dental Associates, we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also work with CareCredit that offers short-term and long-term payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer short-term payment plans during your treatment, and we also work with CareCredit, a third-party lender that offers low- and no-interest financing. CareCredit is very popular with our patients because they can get quality dental care the day they need it. CareCredit covers the cost, and you agree to pay small amounts each month until the balance is paid off. 

stack of money with tooth on topHaving easy access to prompt care can also help reduce your dental costs. Dr. Kaplan can easily fill a tooth with a small cavity while postponing dental care would allow the decay to spread and further damage the tooth. At that point, we might need to recommend a dental crown instead of a filling to protect the tooth’s structure.

We Accept CareCredit

It is easy to apply for CareCredit online, or you can ask one of our team members at your next appointment. Their approval rates are high, and you can usually get an answer within minutes. In addition to dentistry, you can use CareCredit for hearing and vision care, dermatology, beauty treatments, and even veterinary care for your pets.

Contact Our Randolph Dental Clinic

If you want to schedule an appointment, but have financial concerns, please call Randolph Dental Associates at (973) 895-3100. Quality dental care is too important to forego for any reason, and we will do everything possible to help you.

We know that the cost of dentistry comes into play when considering your dental treatment. Dental insurance is a fantastic benefit that helps reduce your out-of-pocket cost by covering part of your treatment.

How the Dental Insurance Process Worksdental insurance paperwork

What portion and how much dental insurance covers varies widely from company to company and even plan to plan. At Randolph Dental Associates, we try to calculate your benefits coverage before treatment begins.

It’s important to note that dental benefit plans are not designed to pay all of the cost of your treatment but rather to be partial aid or supplement. Our knowledgeable office staff works hard to provide you with your estimated portion of the fees, and this is the amount due at the time of that appointment.

Please keep in mind that these are simply estimates of what your final out-of-pocket cost will be. For this reason, the actual amount the benefit plan pays may differ slightly from the pre-treatment estimate we provide you. If this is the case and the plan payment varies from the estimated amount, we will make either a credit or debit adjustment to your account.

Contact Our Randolph Dental Office

We accept all insurance plans and participate with multiple PPO plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, and Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and MetLife. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your particular plan. 

A dentist might recommend a dental crown because the structure of the remaining tooth is too damaged and compromised for other dental solutions like fillings to solve. 

Usually, if the tooth is too severely damaged or decayed to be structurally sound, a filling won't provide enough stability, so your dentist is forced to look at other solutions.

What Is a Crown?

Rather than removing the whole tooth, the dentist will preserve the root to keep the jaw healthy and support the crown. 

After performing a smile procedure to remove enough tooth structure to make space for a crown, the dentist places a tooth crown on top. This tooth crown closely matches the shape, size, and color of your other teeth.

The crown will function like a regular tooth. The crown protects the tooth and the structure below it from further damage that might have been caused if the existing damage was left alone.

Randolph, NJ Dental Crown Dentists

Randolph Dental Associates is happy to provide you with a consultation appointment to thoroughly investigate your oral health so that we can come up with a treatment plan. If you need a crown or are just looking to get a smile, contact us today.

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