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Why do my teeth keep breaking/chipping?

It is estimated that most adults, close to 80 percent, clench or grind their teeth, usually during sleep. If your teeth are breaking and chipping, you may have a teeth-grinding habit called bruxism.

Dental Issues From Bruxism

When you have bruxism, your teeth break down because the constant clenching and grinding places excess force on teeth that they weren’t designed to absorb. This force leads to excessive dental wear and broken and chipped teeth.

woman holding her jaw from pain due to teeth grindingMost teeth grinding and jaw clenching takes place during sleep, so many people aren’t aware they’re doing it. They may not realize it until our Randolph TMJ dentist sees evidence of it in the form of severely worn, broken, or cracked teeth. You may also experience headaches and jaw or facial pain; in some cases, teeth grinding can lead to TMJ problems.

Teeth grinding is often related to stress or anxiety, so one of the approaches we recommend is to minimize stress. Meditation, listening to music, or exercising can all help you relax, which may, in turn, reduce your teeth grinding. 

Another very effective method is a customized nightguard that you wear while you sleep. The guard slips comfortably over your teeth, and when it’s in place, it prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming into contact with each other. It won’t stop your teeth grinding, but it will protect your teeth from the excess chewing forces. 

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