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What are the benefits of dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, your Randolph, NJ dentist will always recommend tooth replacement to keep your bite intact and to prevent wear and migration on your remaining teeth.

woman smiling after getting dental implantsDental Implants in Randolph

While there are various tooth replacement options out there, quality dental implants in Randolph, NJ are most like your natural teeth. Instead of a removable or fixed prosthetic, dental implants are tooth replacement roots capped with dental crowns. This means they replace the full anatomy of a lost tooth and function like natural teeth.

The benefits of dental implants are many, including:

  • No shifting or slipping
  • No need for adhesives
  • No more relines
  • Less wear on remaining teeth

Aside from the oral health benefits, dental implants look like natural teeth, and no one will ever guess that you’ve had tooth replacement.

Dental implants are also easy to take care of because you treat them just like your natural teeth. You brush and floss your implant as usual, and you visit your dentist for regularly scheduled dental exams and teeth cleanings.

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